White Spots on Nails

The unsightly white spots that appear on nails are called leukonychia. We know little about them and there are several urban legends that surround them. Some say that are relate to the lack of calcium. Two of the causes could be due to injuries and the presence of fungi. In some cases they may appear as a manifestation of systemic diseases.

Biting the cuticles, or aggressive manicures, or even hitting the keyboard violently are some of the practices that can provoke them. Other causes are inflammatory processes. Toenails grow a millimeter every ten days, so when we see the stain in the middle of the surface that means that the injury occurred two or three months ago. The white color is produced by a chemical alteration in the composition of the nail. They typically occur in the form of a point, or a line. When a line appears usually is cause by food poisoning, drugs and or stress.

These white spots on nails are harmless and will go away as nails grow. But those caused by fungi do not heal by themselves, in which case you should consult a dermatologist to indicate the timely treatment or you can try one of these remedies for toenail fungus.

Excessive nail work like manicure can alter the matrix, especially  when the treatment aggravates the cuticle. It is also important to emphasize that the excessive use of nail polish remover can damage the nail.

While there are no magic solutions or remedies to cure this problem, the best recommendation is to maintain strong and healthy nails, keeping proper hygiene and avoid aggressive cosmetic products such as the use of brushes or strong soaps for cleaning. Always use a protective layer of enamel prior to painting your nails.

Avoid bumps and injuries is a good preventive action, because the friction against hard objects can cause micro trauma and make white spots on nails appear

Moisturize and gently push back your cuticles. Do not cut them. a Do not manicure your nails too frequently or apply nail products too often.

If you have sensitive skin and nails, look for fragrance-free and formaldehyde-free polishes and non-acetone polish removers.

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