Vitamin D from Fish and Mushrooms

The best sources of vitamin D absorption are fish and mushrooms. The sun helps produce vitamin D, but this does not happen at present. Learn why and how to get Vitamin D from fish and mushrooms.

You already know that the best way to produce vitamin D is through direct exposure to the sun. However, at present it is increasingly difficult to obtain optimum levels of Vitamin D by sunbathing. On the one hand, this is due to a great awareness of the population about the dangers of direct exposure to the sun without sunscreen, as it is the main cause of melanoma. On the other hand, we do most of our activities indoors, especially in winter.

Numbers of Vitamin D Deficiency

According to a study in which vitamin D levels were evaluated during winter, about 50 percent of men and 42.6 percent of women had vitamin D insufficiency.

This is due to the fact that in winter, the sun’s rays are at a more oblique angle, which is why ultraviolet B radiation is absorbed more efficiently by the ozone layer, which is why the production capacity of vitamin D in the body is significantly reduced.

We found several epidemiological studies that show that approximately 50 percent of the population has low levels of vitamin D and, worse still, below what is recommended by doctors.

If your skin is not exposed to sunlight, or if you are obese, you might no be getting enough Vitamin D. Also aging causes lack of cutaneous vitamin D precursors.

Also, in old age, vitamin D deficiency is usually noticeable because people go out less and there is a decrease in the vitamin D precursors that are in the skin. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, meaning it dissolves more easily in fat. Thus, absorption is more difficult in obese people.

Use of sunscreen: the sun protection factor (SPF) 30 reduces the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D by 95 percent.

Skin color:

Melanin works as a natural sunscreen. The darker your skin is, the longer it must be exposed to sunlight to synthesize the same amount of vitamin D.


With age, the body loses the ability to synthesize vitamin D in the skin.


In countries where it is customary to wear clothes that cover almost the entire body, the incidence of hypovitaminosis D is very common.


Vitamin D is not readily available in food. Vitamin D from fish and mushrooms are needed.

  1. Although there are very few foods that contain vitamin D in a natural way, there are some good sources. You will also find foods enriched or added vitamin D.

  1. Fatty fish, such as tuna, wild salmon, herring and mackerel are among the best sources of vitamin D.

  1. You must eat Mushrooms which have good vitamin D content if they have been exposed to ultraviolet light.

Vitamin supplements with vitamin D

It’s not easy to get enough vitamin D from food sources alone, it’s usually necessary to take supplements.

Dietary supplements with vitamin D collaborate with the different functions that calcium fulfills in the body. Perhaps the best known is to maintain adequate mineralization of our bones. It’s also important to eat foods rich in vitamin D to potentiate the effects of supplements.

Your Calcium level must be kept at good values to ensure proper functioning of brain, muscles and the correct blood coagulation.

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