The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Heart Diseases

On average, 47% of Americans are affected by heart diseases. According to the American Heart Association, 48% of women and 46% of men have heart-related problems. In addition, heart diseases are the leading cause of worldwide deaths.

The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Heart Diseases

As can be seen, this is not a light subject. But with proven scientific strategies, it is possible to minimize the chances of being affected. While focusing on the cost, environmental-related diseases can be prevented. Causes arising from genes can be cured.

If you have a proper understanding of the causes of heart diseases, you can live a healthy life. Instead of spending money on curing heart diseases every time, you will only need little input on preventing heart diseases. See these leading causes of heart diseases. Can you avoid them?

What Are The Leading Causes Of Heart Diseases?

  1. Genetics: Heart diseases like asthma have been linked to heredity. Families can get heart diseases by having the same lifestyle and environment. If the heart disease is airborne, it is likely to affect several members of a family.

  2. Aging: According to studies, the risk of getting heart diseases increases with age. For instance, the rate of blood flow in the heart decreases with age. This condition can lead to chest pain.

  3. Obesity: Being obese increases blood cholesterol, which in turn causes heart diseases.

  4. Smoking: Smoke damages the structure of heart vessels, which affects their functionality. Smoke takes up space for oxygen. In general, smoke has a long-term effect.

Other causes of heart diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure and physical inactivity:

6 Valuable Tips To Preventing Heart Diseases

Before diving into these tips, it is important to understand that heart diseases aren’t about heart attacks alone. It is a broad category linked to general body functioning. For this reason, tips for preventing heart diseases may save you from several other diseases as well. If you love your health, please consider the following tips.

  1. Live A Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy lifestyle has two main components. First, stress management and secondly, good nutrition. Stress can be caused by pressure at work, financial or emotional problems. Even though these factors do not have a direct cause of heart diseases, they can lead to drug and substance abuse. The drugs will then cause heart diseases.

Rewarding yourself when you accomplish goals, going for vacation, dong your hobbies are sure ways of managing stress. With nutrition, you only need to avoid unhealthy foods. Unhealthy foods include processed foods, sugary foods, candies and deep-fried foods. Also avoid excessive intake of salts.

  1. Quit smoking.

There is no responsible way of smoking. Smoking is bad and affected people should think of nothing else but quitting. Every drug has a negative impact on the body. But smoking is responsible for 33% of heart-related deaths.

Unfortunately, there is also a large percentage of inactive smokers, who are at a greater risk than the active smokers. An inactive smoker takes portions of exhaled smoke that may contain bacteria from the active smoker’s heart. Reduce the frequency of smoking.

  1. Drink responsibly: Start by avoiding situations that lead to alcoholism. These may include friends, advertisements, frustration, or excitement. Figure out your budget for the past year, and see the amount of money spent on buying alcohol. After realizing that you spent a lot of money on a non-significant activity, you will be pushed towards quitting alcohol. Find something constructive to do. Find a substitute for alcohol, money spent on alcohol, and time spent on taking alcohol. For example, you can have a financial manager allocate your finances. However, it is good to become the CEO of your life.

  1. Exercise: Exercising is an inexpensive and working way to avoid obesity. Obesity can be prevented and cured. However, dealing with obesity needs a nutrition and exercise balance. Good nutrition alone can’t help. Similarly, exercising alone can’t get rid of obesity.

Enrol in a gym, martial arts, or general fitness programs in your local area. Chances are, you will find experts who will offer actionable tips depending on the body type. The aim is to get rid of fat and excess cholesterol.

  1. Getting Rid of Genetic Causes: It starts with a genetic test when scientists take a sample of the blood’s DNA to see if there could be inherited heart diseases. Sometimes, you may carry an inactive gene that will become dominant on your descendants.

Predictive genetic testing can identify descendants who will be at risk of getting the heart disease. If the gene is found harmful, necessary measures can be taken. This can be through modifying the gene or through vaccination.

  1. Get Expert Help: When quitting drugs gets difficult, you may consider visiting a rehabilitation centre. You will engage in important activities, which leave no time for smoking. The com is an addiction treatment centre that can help quit an addiction.

As can be seen, almost all causes of heart diseases can be avoided, except age. The average age of getting a heart attack is 66 years. Age is just associated with heart diseases. In reality, physical inactivity increases with age. So, as long as you practice the above 6 tips, age won’t be a threat.

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