The power of Noni to Heal Diabetes

The power of noni to heal diabetes

It is a tropical fruit that significantly improves

The tropical fruit Morinda citrifolia -noni- contains various natural components, including xeronina agency that provides extra power is highlighted. It grows in warm tropical environments, and is in places like Panama, Hawaii and Tahiti, and in certain countries of Central and South America. Various nutrition analyzes detected the presence of important nutrients for human consumption as fiber, protein, iron, vitamin C, calcium and zinc.

How it works?

As mentioned above, the main component of noni is xeronina. Dr. Ralph Heinicke, renowned scientist and biochemist, has pioneered investigate, and discovered that this along with the other components, in combination, are the key to its production within the human body. Notably, Dr. Heinicke identify the precursor to xeronina, which he called proxeronina. Therefore, drinking their juice, proxeronina passes through the digestive system and into the intestine where it is sent to the liver. Every two hours, this organ must release a certain amount of proxeronina into the bloodstream.

As blood moves through the proxeronina (xeronina) is transported to various body tissues. Then combined with serotonin, a hormone produced primarily in the brain to regulate many body functions, such as mood and sleep, among others.

Once the xeronina is formed, combined with several proteins in the body (who need to work properly) which allows them to:

• Give structure to the body, skin, bones, even the cells.

• Facilitate the transport of chemicals in and out of the cells, by attracting and allowing important nutrients to pass through their membranes.

• To act as hormones in the body and regulate as vital functions.

• To function as antibodies.

• Serve as enzymes and allow the development of the processes required to maintain different functions. Noni also has other important substances, such as:

• Norepinephrine is a type of adrenaline that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. It is an anti-histamine and neutralizes allergic reactions, which also provides energy to the body.

• Damnacanthal: natural substance that helps fight cancer.

• Oligosaccharides: is a type of sugar that stimulates the production of serotonin and acts as an antidepressant, analgesic, combat sleeping pill and migraine.

Flavonoids: Noni contains 10 different flavonoids, substances that help repair the capillaries, and act as anti-inflammatory and antiviral.

• Quercetin: flavonoid repairs the blood vessels and is anti-inflammatory, and improves the condition of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

• Enzymes proxeronina fundamentally, it helps in digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is also anti-inflammatory and helps in cases of inflammation of the female sexual organs.

• Scopoletin: a phytonutrient that is anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and fundamentally, vasodilator.

• Terpenes: compounds with various activities. The terpenol is a muscle relaxant, beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant precursor of vitamin E and limonene, antibacterial.

• Phytosterols also highlights that to be very similar to cholesterol reduce its absorption, and help regulate your levels, plus bioflavonoids and ascorbic acid.

Properties of Noni

Noni has various functions. First neutralizes calcium oxalate, which can eliminate kidney stones.

It also contains several antioxidants that prevent the action of free radicals that cause aging. Other important properties are:

contributes to the rapid healing of wounds; ingested and used topically, reduces skin inflammations, acne and rashes. Also removes toxins from the body and fight infections and parasites.

The power of Noni to Heal Diabetes

Diabetes is a common chronic condition that prevents proper utilization of food due to a problem with a phone call is hormone insulin. It is classified as type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent) or type 2 (non-insulin dependent). We have studied many cases of people with diabetes who have taken noni juice and noticed a high percentage improvement in symptoms.

Research has shown that this fruit strengthens the immune system. This would also help in the case of infections, which are a triggering factor of type 2 diabetes, the immune system and protects the body from mismas.Tambien suggested that noni has a normalizing effect, which would allow the cell fails to improve its performance.

Regarding the chronic complications of diabetes, noni would have a greater influence due to scopoletin, substance antiplatelet action and dilating the blood vessels is recognized contraidos.Tambien action of stimulating the release of serotonin, which allows better blood circulation.

Noni neutralizes acidity, which stabilizes the pancreatic function, liver, kidney, and female reproductive system. Therefore, improving conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, menstrual cramps, blood pressure and arthritis, among others.

Other pathologies

Noni also used for cases of arterial hypertension, and has been shown to stabilize his consumption values of pressure, mainly due to scopoletin, whose function is to dilate blood vessels contracted. Also, this substance helps prevent heart disease, improve blood circulation in the case of hypercholesterolemia or hypertriglyceridemia (for the content of soluble fiber that absorbs cholesterol diet) and circulatory problems.

In addition, features prominently in the treatment of overweight and obesity.

Other conditions that can be treated with noni are: arteriosclerosis, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, migraine, depression and anxiety, arthritis, asthma, digestive problems, urinary disorders, heart disease, skin disorders and hepatic pathologies.


The noni fruit, lacking good flavor and odor, would result difficult to consume as juice. In the market there are many alternative products based noni, but few actually deliver what they promise.

• juice can be prepared in various ways: for example, boil a liter of water and place the noni with other fruits (grapes or pineapple are advised) for 15 minutes. Subsequently, strain and drink preparation.

Another option is to crush the fruit in a blender and drink without strain. For consumption, two tablespoons per day are recommended (first in the morning before breakfast and the second 40 minutes before dinner)

A study showed this juice would prevent the formation of cancer cells, because of its high antioxidant power.

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