The nose is an area that contains large number of vessels tiny blood and sensitive that, in various situations, bleed easily. Hence the importance of knowing these domestic measures, especially if you have kids at home.

Causes of a nose bleed

• Injury or blows to the face.

• Dry the inside of the nose and irritation from low humidity, allergies, cold or sinusitis. The dry form scabs that bleed when rummaging, sound or touch your nose repeatedly by pressure.

• Presence of small objects inside the nose, especially in the younger children.

• Atherosclerosis, infections, high blood pressure and disorders of blood coagulation in the elderly.


1 Seat the person in a chair with the cage-I za leaning forward, to the level of the heart. This will prevent such that the swallowing of blood or blood drain into the back of the throat, that can cause nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea.

2 Take off the scarf, handkerchief or other clothing that fit the neck area.

3 Place a container in the hands of the victim to prevent soiling or give her a towel.

4 Ask them to breathe through the mouth and gently press with your thumb and index the soft part of the nose for 10 minutes.

5 Make sure the victim spit blood because swallowing could cause nausea and vornitos.

6 After 10 minutes, stop pressing the Unariz. If bleeding still continues, continue for 30 more minutes.

7 Do not allow nose plugs. If bleeding continues after 30 minutes, seek medical help.

8 In the event that the bleeding has stopped, advise him not to blow, sounds or perform as violent movements for four hours. If not stopped, consult a physician.

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