Sunburn First Aid

Eliminate Sunburn Pain, Blistering

and Peeling in 5 Minutes Using Clinically Tried Remedies and  Reduce Blistering and Peeling by 85%

Severe sunburn must be treated quickly to eliminate pain and prevent permanent skin damage…Stop suffering! Find the relief you desperately need 5 minutes from now…

Dear visitor,

I'm Charles Silverman N.D.

Is your severe sunburned skin making your shirts and sheets feel like cruel torture?

Do you want that burning pain to go away now?

You probably already tried all the known sunburn first aid remedies in the book to no avail and you are worry about showing up for work tomorrow walking like a robot.

And trust me as soon as you walk out the door and the sun hits you again, it will feel like boiling oil is being poured inside your clothes.

But those are not the only symptoms of sunburn, there are some long term skin damage that you should be aware and worry about.

If not treated fast sunburn can cause blistering, peeling, migraine, fever, skin discoloration, liver spots or freckles and skin cancer to name a few.

If you are wondering about how long will sunburn last, be prepare to suffer for a whole seven days.

The type of sunburn first aid treatment used to reduce sunburn has a direct effect on how long will sunburn last.

There is a natural way to treat sunburn that achieves better results than over-the-counter-drugs. No matter what degree of sunburn you have or where in your body, you will find that relief you are looking for in the remedies in this web site.

With the right home remedies for sunburn you can actually start eliminating the pain right away. Don’t suffer for a minute longer, find out how you can heal sunburn faster and eliminate pain in minutes.

Living in Florida I have found myself more than once struggling and suffering the aftermath of severe sunburn.

Luckily being a N.D. I had the chance to research and develop some new and very powerful home remedies for sunburn.

Five minutes from now you’ll have the most powerful Natural Home Remedies to relieve sunburn pain and suffering.

I devote all my knowledge and skills to this problem and finally you can now have a natural solution for sunburn.

Instant Natural Sunburn First Aid Secrets

by  Charles Silverman N.D.

My Twenty five years of knowledge at your finger tips. 

 Rest and sleep comfortably tonight preparing your own sunburn first aid pain reducing lotion using natural ingredients commonly found in your kitchen.

 Moist your skin and reduce the chances of blistering using an easy to make moisturizer cream.

 Eliminate that annoying itchiness making your own home remedies for itching sunburns that will refresh and soothe the sunburned area.

 The home remedies for itching sunburns in this e-book will reduce the chances of skin discoloration.

 Make a sunburn first aid skin wash that will eliminate the chances of infection.

Caring for blisters from sunburn: If blisters are already formed you can use a technique to drain blisters in 5 minutes without bursting or peeling them off. Wear your clothes comfortably and heal blisters faster using a method available only in this e-book.

Learn how you can stop pain by using the natural acid found in a fruit that you already have in you kitchen.

 How long will sunburn last? You can cut healing time by half and eliminate pain instantly by using a very easy to make home remedy for sunburn.

 Save money in expensive high SPF sunscreen lotions by learning exactly what SPF factor you should use for your skin phototype. Find your correct skin category and presto you will have the perfect SPF factor for your skin. This will also improve your tan and it will make it last longer.

 Look younger and suntanned while reducing wrinkles caused by sunburn adding a few capsules of some specific vitamins to your sunscreen lotion.

 Learn what medications and chemicals actually increase sun sensitivity by causing phototoxic reactions increasing the chances of getting sunburned even if you use sunscreen.

Don't just take my word ! Listen what others are saying!

Real Customer Story “Dear Charles; Thanks you for sending me your book on Sunburn, I could not believe that it was so simple yet so effective. Your methods are great for relieving pain which did not allow me to sleep at night. But after applying one of your recommendations my skin felt refreshed and cool. I am very pleased with the results and I recommend it ! ” Elena Walsh Sacramento

Real Customer Story “Hello Dr. Silverman; I like to share my results with you! In one word very HAPPY, your Sunburn First aid Book turn a terrible day into a pleasant night for my son after he fell asleep at the beach, he came home and after a few hours the pain was unbearable the skin was red and bright. So I went on-line to look for a quick remedy and found your site. Thank God! Your recommendations were right what he needed. Thank you so much". J. M. Cape Coral, Florida

Real Customer Story “Dear Charles Silverman; Congratulation, you discovered a wonderful and useful set of remedies for Sunburn, I'm so glad I found your site on time your remedies made a huge difference the pain was gone so quickly and I did not peel at all. Thank yo so much for your assistance .” Diana Houseman Miami, FL

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Why am I going to such great lengths?

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Charles Silverman  N.D.

“Instant Natural Sunburn First aid Secrets”

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