Steatosis Fatty Liver

How to realize if you have Steatosis Fatty Liver

Steatosis Fatty Liver is not always linked to alcohol and is more frequent in women. Know the warning signs that the body gives you and the keys to prevent it.

Steatosis or as commonly called “fatty liver” is the accumulation of fat in the liver. There is also another kind of fatty liver, which is given by the intake of alcohol, which is called alcoholic steatosis, but this is not its sole cause.

high cholesterol. It is a complication that can occur when there is excess fat in the abdominal area: adipose cells lose the ability to store and leaches into neighboring organs.

The warning signs of Steatosis Fatty Liver

Although there are people who have no symptoms, there are key factors that must involve a medical consultation:

* women, middle-aged, overweight, with disorders of sugar in the metabolism (diabetes) or fat (cholesterol and triglycerides), have higher chances of suffering from fatty liver increase.

* More than half of patients with fatty liver have persistent fatigue or discomfort in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, or both.

* At the time of the physical examination, people show a painless enlargement of the liver. They are usually diagnosed after detecting a persistent elevation of liver values, such as the liver enzymes, levels of sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides.

What to do to win the battle

* To take care of the liver, the battle begins by reducing refined sugars, carbohydrates, animal fat and alcohol. Eat more vegetables, fish, yogurt, and dried fruits.

* Physical activity is another ally against the steatosis.

Keys to preventing Steatosis Fatty Liver

* Avoids the consumption of alcohol.

* Unless absolutely necessary, do not take medications harmful to your liver as the painkillers, anti-inflammatory or estrogen.

* Reduced your weight gradually. Never do it dramatically, because it can worsen the condition.

* Vaccinate against hepatitis A and B.

* Increases the intake of antioxidants.

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