Male menopause andropause

The low production of testosterone is part of the normal aging process of man. Learn how to detect the first symptoms and what to do to improve the quality of life during male menopause andropause.

Often andropause is defined as a clinical case originated in the decline of testosterone levels (hormone produced by the testicles) as a consequence of the normal aging process of the male.

What is andropause?

The term andropause comes from the Greek and means “end of man”, unlike menopause which means `end of menstruation ‘. But man, even in andropause, continues to live a normal life. You experience andropause when you notice a decline in testosterone and other hormones that are linked to male well-being. Andropause is affected by age, stress, smoking, and medication.

Your testosterone, gonadal hormones, melatonin, thyroid and growth hormone, among others are altered during andropause.

Symptoms of male menopause andropause

In this stage, males usually experience alterations at the sexual level and also changes at a physical and mental level. These are the main ones:

  1. Lack of sexual desire

  2. Difficulties in the erection (both to achieve it and to maintain it).

  3. Difficulties in ejaculation, lower ejaculatory volume and premature ejaculation. o Tiredness

  4. Hair loss.

  5. Appearance of hair in places where it did not exist before (for example, in the ears).

  6. Fear

  7. Nervousness.

  8. Changes in mood and aggression.

  9. Alterations in night sleep.

  10. Daytime sleepiness

  11. Difficulty focusing.

  12. Mild loss of memory

  13. Loss of muscle mass and increase adipose tissue.

  14. Osteoporosis.

Diagnosis and Treatment of male menopause andropause

A blood test can diagnose Andropause by  that measuring the level of hormones.  It is important to perform these analyzes because, when losing dynamism and vitality, at this stage many heart and vascular diseases begin to appear.

You must also take a prostate-specific antigen test. You have to do a physical exam to evaluate your prostate.

Testosterone is the hormone that accompanies us throughout life.

While andropause is not a disease, but a natural physiological fact, there are currently some alternatives to treat your symptoms. The aim of hormone replacement therapy is to produce testosterone through antiestrogenic medication.

Hormone replacement therapy improves sexual function, increase muscle strength, reduce fat and improve the mood affected by andropause.

If hormone replacement treatment fails you can also supplement testosterone through a gel or with injections.

Home Remedies for prostate and male menopause andropause

You should use a herb called Saw Palmetto.

Germany is the leader in the treatment of andropause using Saw Palmetto. Is the best long term treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy BPH.  It reduces inflammation, pain, nocturnal urination, retention, difficulty starting urination, and dribbling. It’s helpful for impotence, and restores sex drive. You should only use saw palmetto for 6 to 12 months and is effective in 99% of patients.

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