How Addiction Has Become a Common Issue and How to Prevent It

The hardest thing you can face now is realizing that one among your loved one suffers addiction issues. Generally, addiction can be defined as a severe disease which affects the reward, memory and motivation function of the brain.

That’s why an addict will continuously crave a behavioral or substance habit as they ignore certain life aspects that would ultimately disorient their lives altogether.

But before getting to the nitty-gritty aspect of how to prevent addiction and its common effects, an overview about addiction would be significant.

Common Addiction Signs:

  1. Lacking control to do away with any substance as well as behavior

  2. A decrease in socialization such as ignoring relationship or abandoning commitments.

  3. Not caring about risk factors such as sharing needles even though it has potential consequences

  4. Physical effects

  5. Additionally, you should note that each sign’s intensity is wholly dependent on the rate of addiction as well as its continuous use. In the case of an ordinary person if a negative behavior is identified, then it is promptly gotten rid of, unlike an addict who will accept it as existential but continues with the practice while justifying.

First of all, one needs to recognize and know the emotional, mental as well as physical signs to get help. These signs may be like personality changes as well as sheer weight.

Addiction on a whole basis has affected families in that they become financially unstable. The addicts themselves obtain negative traits like theft, sexuality issues murder and other evil vices.

Addiction affects the nation at large in that money that could have been used to develop other sectors such as the agriculture is used in the health sector to help addicts for rehabilitation.

How to Prevent

When the addiction prevention aspect is brought into the light, some specific risks occur. These risks include a family addiction history, the manner you were brought up and if you have traumatic experiences.  All these are risks that one cannot change.

There might be no ultimate successful method to have addiction prevented at all, but there are things that you can do to help yourself from been addicted regardless of family or personal history. The following are ways you can prevent addiction;

  1. Deal With Previous Trauma And Hurts. Most common reasons that lead to drug and substance abuse are due to depression, stress, heartbreaks, etc. One needs to focus on good mental health.

  2. This is achieved via counseling, seeing therapists, reading inspirational books and trying to attend support groups. These ways are very beneficial in gaining a healthier future.

  3. Working with Therapists. A therapist will be ideal for you if you possess problems like impulsivity and low self-control. Being antisocial or aggressive, or a sensation and experience seeker predicts alcohol and drug problems later onwards. You should not ignore such things.

  4. Be Surrounded With Support. This is especially if you are queer, transgender, bisexual, gay or lesbian because such people are reported to be addicted to drugs as well as alcohol.

These substances are taken for quelling difficult issues that are related to violence, trauma, self-esteem, homophobia, and discrimination. Inpatient recovery facility therapists can help you out because they are well experienced and qualified for issues related to drugs.

  1. Choose Friends And Companions Carefully. The most typical way of exerting the influence of drug abuse is through peer pressure. Often, friends offer easy accessibility to alcohol and drugs among other top substance abuse factors. You can, therefore, become an addict to drugs easily if your friends are into them- sexing, gambling and gaming among others.

  2. Avoid Beginning Young. If you commence taking drugs at an early age such as teenage, you are more apt becoming an addict later in life. However, this should not imply that older people should not prevent taking them. Even people who are of sixty to eighty years of age can be addicted to both prescriptions as well as illicit drugs.

  3. Be Aware Of the Impacts of Drug and Substance Abuse. Raising awareness of the negative results of using drugs such as engaging in sexual behaviors, truancy, losing jobs, as well as mental disorders, is vital to prevent addiction.

  4. Developing Stronger Connections And Bonds With A Religious Community, School And Other Organization Which Does Not Sanction Abuse Of Illicit Substances. Also, social relationships may aid in protecting against developing illegal substance use risks.

The aspect here alludes to the saying that an empty mind s devils workshop. Mostly, a busy individual rarely gets time for exposing themselves to addictive substances.

  1. Engaging In Community Tobacco, Anti-Drug As Well As Alcohol Programs. Research shows that these programs play a huge role in preventing risky issues and acting as an early intervention. Being active in such programs literally reduces your chances to become an addict.

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