Home Remedies for Stop Smoking

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Every cigarette contains nicotine which we now know is very addictive and causes many problems and changes to the body. By stimulating different parts of the brain nicotine produces a feeling of pleasure in the central nervous system, and also causes adrenaline production to increase, accelerates the heart rate and increases blood pressure, but that's not all, it affects the level of some hormones and the body's temperature. There are many home remedies quit smoking that can help you with withdraw symptoms.

All these sudden changes produced by the act of smoking are what the smoker refers to as a feeling of pleasure, and is the principal fact that makes quitting smoking so hard, if we add to this the fact that nicotine is a chemical very easy to tolerate, we have in our hands one of the most powerful drugs in the world, that is completely legal and can be obtained in any convenience store.

TIP: Did you know that smoking is considered to be more addictive then cocaine?

Home Remedies for Stop Smoking

Nicotine creates addiction very rapidly, once hooked if the smoker stops smoking he or she will feel the symptoms of withdrawal including: frustration, anxiety, anger, lack of concentration, excess appetite, headaches, higher blood pressure and a constant crave for smoking. 

Quitting can get very tough, although there are nicotine addiction treatments available that can make it a little easier.  Some people receive professional treatment for their addiction at a treatment facility. A number of different programs are available through these facilities, with each providing a different level of care.

Many smokers choose to go with an outpatient treatment, which provides them with the education and support needed for them to continue living their lives while they try to kick the habit. If that does not work, a residential treatment program might become an option, especially if the patient is really struggling to quit smoking. Overall, a treatment center is an excellent choice because the smoker does not have to quit all alone and will have the necessary support available. Home Remedies for Stop Smoking can be a great help on your way to success.

Most smokers acquired the habit through peer pressure or to imitate friends or to belong to a group of people, ether way smokers are usually insecure and nervous people that need the cigarette between their fingers to give them a sense of tranquility and to help them get through stressful times or awkward moments. 

"Like we said above, smoking it’s an addiction that is very hard to get rid of, but everyday thousands of people quit this nasty habit and so can you specially if you follow the instructions that we are going to give you and if you use the herbs that we have found to clean nicotine from the body and to reduce the cravings. YOU CAN DO IT!!! And we'll show you how.

TIP: Did you know that every time you smoke you inhale more then 4,000 chemicals and about 50 of them cause cancer?

 List of Home Remedies for Stop Smoking

  • Take 200 mg. twice a day of coenzyme Q10 this is a powerful antioxidant that protects the lungs, the heart and increases oxygen to the brain.

  • Take grape seed extract to repair lung damage.

  • Smoking breaks down vitamin C therefore it is very important to take 5,000-20,000 mg. of vitamin C a day. 

  • Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant needed to repair cell damage cause by smoke.

  • Vitamin A helps repair the mucus membranes which are damaged by smoking.

  • For cravings take cayenne desensitizes the respiratory linings to tobacco and chemical irritants. It's an antioxidant that stabilizes lung membranes preventing damage.  The warm peppery taste reduces cigarette cravings.

  • Ginger and lobelia prevent nausea and helps quitting reduces anxiety ginger produces perspiration which helps to shed toxins generated from smoking. 

  • Lobelia Relieves withdrawal, including irritability, hunger, poor concentration. It contains alkaloids similar to those in nicotine, occupies same brain receptor sites and exerts nicotine like effects without the damage that nicotine causes, this reduces cravings, and creates aversion.

  • Oats reduce or eliminate tobacco cravings, also, they reduce number of cigarettes desired even in those people not trying to quit.

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