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Virtually everyone gets a headache at one time or another. An estimated 17.6 percent of women and 6 percent of men in the United States experience headaches on more than an occasional basis, and some 20 million regularly experience cluster and migraine headaches. Home remedies are the best way to treat a headache because they are as common—and as difficult to cure—as the common cold and flu.

Common causes of headache include stress; tension; anxiety; allergies; constipation; coffee consumption; eyestrain; hunger; sinus pressure; muscle tension; hormonal imbalances; temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome; trauma to the head; nutritional deficiencies; the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco; fever; and exposure to irritants such as pollution, perfume, or after-shave lotions. Please find our home remedies headache below. Migraines result from a disturbance in the blood circulation in the head. (See MIGRAINE)

Headache experts estimate that about 90 percent of all headaches are tension headaches and 6 percent are migraines. Tension headaches, as the name implies, are caused by muscular tension.

Another type of headache is the cluster headache. These are severe, recurring headaches that strike about 1 million Americans, and are widely considered to be the most painful type of headache. Using home remedies for headaches is a great way to get rid of the pain without using drugs.

Headaches can also be a sign of an underlying health problem. People who suffer from frequent headaches may be reacting to certain foods and food additives, such as wheat, chocolate, monosodium glutamate (MSG), sulfites (used in restaurants on salad bars), sugar, hot dogs, luncheon meats, dairy products, nuts, citric acid, fermented foods (cheeses, sour cream, yogurt), alcohol, vinegar, and/or marinated foods. Other possibilities to consider are anemia, boWel problems, brain disorders such as tumors, bruxism (tooth-grinding), hypertension (high blood pressure), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), sinusitis, spinal misalignment, toxic overdoses of vitamin A, vitamin B deficiency, and diseases of the eye, nose, and throat. Dehydration also can cause headaches—often accompanied by a feeling of being flushed, a warm face, and a sense of heaviness in the head.

Unless otherwise specified, the dosages recommended here are for adults. For a child between the ages of twelve and seventeen, reduce the dose to three-quarters the recommended amount. For a child between six and twelve, use one-half the recommended dose, and for a child under the age of six, use one-quarter the recommended amount.

List of Home Remedies for Headaches

  •  Coenzyme Q10 plus Coenzyme A Improves tissue oxygenation. Take 30 mg twice daily.

  • Calcium and magnesium are Minerals that help to alleviate muscular tension. Use chelated forms.

  • Deficiency may be a cause of migraines. Relaxes muscles and blood vessels. Take 1,000 mg daily.

  • Glucosamine sulfate is a natural alternative to aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

  • Cayenne thins the blood, which reduces pain and allows beneficial blood flow.

  • Chamomile relaxes muscles and soothes tension.

  • Ginkgo biloba extract improves circulation to the brain, and may be helpful for certain types of headache.

  • Guarana can alleviate cluster headaches.

  • Use a homeopathic remedy suitable for the particular headache symptoms you are experiencing. Belladonna helps with sudden, severe pain that is worse on the right side ,of the body. Natrum muriaticum is recommended for tension headaches and periodic headaches. Sanguinaria is good for pain that is sharp and splitting. Arsenicum album, kali bichrornium, Mecurius solubilis, and Pulsatilla all encourage drainage of the sinuses.

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