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Goldenseal is a herb native to the eastern North America. Goldenseal is a potent antimicrobial that kills trouble-causing microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. It effectively combats a variety of infectious diseases that are often treated with antibiotics, but without the harmful side

effects of synthetics drugs. If you have any type of bacterial or parasitic infection, goldenseal is probable the best herb you can use. It fights bronchial and sinus infections, strep throat, urinary infections, and skin, eye, and gum infections. When used together with echinacea, the pair not only provide the benefits mentioned, but also strengthening the immune system and increasing the wide range of harmful microorganisms.

Used externally, Goldenseal it is very successful in treating cuts and wounds, boils, and other bacterial skin infections, fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and ringworm, eczema, acne, eye infections such as conjunctivitis, hemorrhoids. Internally, goldenseal is used for colds, digestive upsets, and inflamed mucous membranes anywhere in the body. Also, sore throat, and intestinal, infections caused by microbes, such as traveler’s diarrhea.

Goldenseal it’s very safe and potent and no dangerous side effects have been reported. However, since one of its characteristic effects it’s the uterine-stimulating properties, goldenseal should not be used during pregnancy. Some people are allergic to some plants and that is why you should first try goldenseal in small dose, to test for allergic reactions. 

Today Goldenseal and herbs in general are back in vogue, the use of herbal and home remedies is no longer regarded as outdated, and this means that in the future we might be able to enjoy a more affordable health system, as they do in Europe. If you are interested on treating your illnesses in a natural and cost-effective way, then, you need to learn how herbs are mixed and prepared, you need recipes that combine the right herbs in the right amounts.

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