Home Remedies for PMS

Premenstrual syndrome is the most common gynecological complaint of women, it affects about 60% of them. The symptoms appear one or two weeks before menstruation starts, and they include: abdominal bloating and cramps, acne, anxiety, breast tenderness and swelling, and mood changes.

During menstruation there is an imbalance in hormones and brain activity, and it is believed that too much estrogen, uneven levels of progesterone and an inability to cope with hormone changes are main causes of PMS. But the real reason as to why this condition affects so many women, is unknown.

About 5% of women suffer such as severe complications that incapable of function normally during this period, others claim symptoms interfere with their daily activities.

Using herbs we can return hormone levels to their normal level and proper diet can help reduce many of the symptoms. The final result is a body that is back in balance, without using drugs and without experiencing any side effects.

 List of Home Remedies for PMS

  • Take magnesium 1,000 mg. a day . Deficiencies have been linked to PMS.

  • Take calcium 1,500 mg. a day this helps reduce some symptoms.

  • Take Vitamin B6 reduces water retention and increases blood circulation to the female organs

  • Take Vitamin E to help reduce breast soreness.

TIP:Did you know that caffeine makes the changes of suffering from severe PMS symptoms 4 times greater?

  • Black cohosh relieves premenstrual tension, menstrual cramps and water retention, helps control mood changes.

  • Dandelion root is a very powerful diuretic that helps evacuate excess water and bloating, but is safer then commercial diuretic because it does not deplete potassium. Another important quality is that helps the liver discard estrogen thus relieving PMS.

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