Home Remedies For Oily Skin

Did you know that strawberries ans strawberry leaves reduce the production of oil? Other herbs that have a similar effect are basil, eucalyptus, cedarwood, sage, lemon, and ylang-ylang. There are many Home Remedies Oily Skin in this page.

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  • Cleanser for Oily Skin. 2 ounces witch hazel. 1 tsp. vinegar. 1 tsp. glycerin. ½ tsp. grapefruit seed extract. 6 drops lemon essential oil. 2 drops cypress essential oil. Mix all ingredients and shake well before use. Apply with cotton balls and rinse with warm water.

  • Facial Steam for Oily Skin. 3 cups of water. 1 drop of chamomile essential oil. 1 drop of lemongrass essential oil. 1 drop of lavender essential oil. 1 drop of rosemary essential oil. Boil water, turn off heat and add essential oils. Place a towel over your head and over the pot, close your eyes and let the steam warm your face. After 15 minutes splash your face with cool water.

  • Toner for Oily Skin. 2 ounces witch hazel. 1 tbsp. aloe vera gel. 5 drops cedarwood essential oil. 3 drops lemon essential oil. 1 drop ylang-ylang essential oil. Mix ingredients. Shake well before using.

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