Home Remedies for Eye Injury

KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN THE EYE SUFFERS AN ACCIDENT IS FUNDAMENTAL to avoid further complications, in any case home remedies for eye injury are very effective.

The ability to defend the eye from trauma via reflex is very effective, however, may be that the eye will not have time to warn the danger and receive an unexpected bump or small foreign body is introduced as a speck.

A basic concept in first aid for eye injury is that the eye may not look injured and, in fact, is seriously injured. For example, it is normal that a shard of glass lodged in the first layers of the eye or penetrating inside the eyeball does not leave a visible wound on the surface. By contrast, an accident with an irritant immediately shows pain and tearing. Despite all warnings, it is important to know the first steps to follow during the first few minutes after an accident.

Most common eye problems

Consider the most common cases:

Injuries to the eyelids When trauma has not damaged the eyelid it can mean that the eyeball was not been hurt. As the eyelids on the inside are cartilaginous and they are a great mean of eye protection.

Filings in the eyeball When it is suspected that the accident caused a perforation of the eye, the first step is to place one or two drops of anesthetic eye drops. This relieves pain in seconds, relieves anxiety and enables a better view of the wound. If however, the lesion is small, this will be imperceptible to the naked eye. In this case you can cover the other eye and see if there was visual disturbance until consultation with a specialist. Occlusion of the eye is important when there is a cut or a foreign body because it prevents blinking, which can aggravate the injury. (You can cover the eye with gauze and tape, or you can use an open handkerchief).

Accident with a chemicals If a chemical enters the eye, after placing an anesthetic eye drops should gently wash the eye for several minutes. If feasible, it is preferable to fill a syringe without its needle- with saline eye wash. Meanwhile, it is important to determine the type of substance causing the accident and immediately contact the eye doctor. Conjunctivitis When suspected conjunctivitis is advisable to have tissues on hand to wipe her eyes and should wash their hands with soap every two or three hours to prevent cross infection from one eye to another or irritation worse. Consult an ophthalmologist. A contact lens can be moved from its place on a fixed area and even folded completely. This not only brings the feeling of discomfort and the presence of a foreign body in the eye, but produces uneasiness. It is important to make clear that the lens can not move beyond the visible limits of the eye and the type of material they are constructed hardly produce an injury.

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