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The immune system may be the most complex system of your body, and scientist are still discovering new information from different studies done on glands, cells and organs that are in charge of keeping the body healthy. It is easy to answer the questions: what does the organ called heart does? Or what do the lungs do? But when it comes to the immune system, not everybody can tell you with exactitude what it is or how it does its job. Note: Home remedies Echinacea can bust the immune system.

Where is the Immune System and what does it do?

The primary job of the immune system is to protect the body from infectious microorganisms and to prevent the development of cancer. The immune system patrols our body, like a security guard patrolling a mall. The immune system provides two kinds of protections: nonspecific resistance to disease and specific resistance to disease or immunity:

Nonspecific resistance to disease is the first part of the immune system that confronts any microorganism that makes it into the body. These first barriers of defense are; the skin, fever (which kills viruses and bacteria), and inflammation (which causes extra blood to rush to the affected area). The increased number of white blood cells kills the invaders, the mucous membranes, antimicrobial chemicals in our system, and killer cells (which kill tumor cells and infectious microorganisms).

Specific resistance to disease refers to the ability of the body to recognize a previous invader and trigger an immune reaction.

Such a complex system of organs and cells must be kept in balance, otherwise the infection fighting capabilities may decline leaving us exposed and defenseless against millions of organisms that can enter our bodies without detection, propagate and inflict damage to tissues.

As we all know, traditional modern medicine treats symptoms without going to the root of the condition. Most diseases are mainly caused by an immune system imbalance. By treating (for example) headaches, trouble sleeping, and muscle pain separately, we can successfully rid ourselves of the symptoms. However, this type of approach to an illness does not target the real problem, which could be stress, and, as we now know, stress is a very common illness, that depresses the immune system.

It is very important to use a holistic treatment for all diseases. Each organ does not function by itself without interacting with the rest of the organs. We are a complex system that needs to be viewed and treated as a whole.

One question that arises from all this is: How do I know when my immune system is not functioning properly? To find out if your immune system is up to par, you should look for the following signs of immune weakness: You catch a cold more then once a year, wounds or cuts take too long to heal, or they get infected frequently, you easily get fungal infections like Athlete’s foot or candidiasis, you suffer from yeast infections, herpes, urinary tract infections or respiratory tract infections, fatigue, or lack of energy. These are all symptoms that can give you a hint that your immune system is in trouble or not in balance.

But the question is…How do we keep our immune system in balance and ready to tackle any disease?

Vitamin A, C, B, and E deficiencies have been linked to immune system weakness, so it is recommended that this vitamins be taken as part of a high potency multi-vitamin supplement. A proper diet, rich in vegetables, and low in chemicals or preservatives is essential to maintain the immune system at full strength. The excessive use of concentrated sugars (like syrups, honey), saturated fats, hormone and chemically treated foods have a detrimental effect on the immune system. Stress and lack of exercise can impair immune functioning.

Home Remedies Echinacea – A natural immune Booster.

Echinacea is a beautiful purple flower plant, that grows in the United States and Europe. Its popularity goes beyond the reach of any other herb, not because of its beauty but because its properties. Echinacea is the herb of choice to treat any type of

If you are serious at all in your desire to maintain and better your health, you must have some Echinacea in your medicine cabinet. There are literally millions of microbes, viruses, bacterium, and fungi; a simple cold can be caused by more then 200 different viruses. So, as you can imagine, our immune systems are very busy workers, and with such an immense amount of eager invaders, it is not surprising that many of these microorganisms make it through, and that’s how we become ill with colds, flu, bronchitis, strep throat and many infectious diseases.

If you have read my e-book you know all the side effects caused by prescription and over the counter drugs used to treat these diseases. Nearly all these medications are toxic, and all of them are expensive.

Echinacea is a powerful, safe, and inexpensive remedy. But I believe its best attribute consists in the way it works with the immune system, bringing it to balance. It can be taken internally or applied externally on wounds and burns. It stimulates the activity of leukocytes, white blood cells that fight infection, and T lymphocytes or T cells; it increases the activity of macrophages, white cells that kill and eat harmful microorganisms, plus it has antibiotic properties and speeds up wound healing by encouraging healthy cell growth.

Echinacea has been popular for hundreds of years. It was named in the 1700’s, but used by Native Americans for hundreds of years before that. Its popularity reached the European Continent and studies were done showing results that convinced even the most skeptical scientists. However, with the arrival of modern medicine to the U.S. and all its financial and political support, Echinacea and all the other herbs were regarded as old fashion and primitive. In Europe where doctors always believed that herbs are an important part of medicine Echinacea is still highly valued. European pharmacies carry a wide variety of herbal remedies. A rise in the popularity of Echinacea started again in the 1980’s as people started to worry about the shortcomings of traditional medicine with regard to diseases like AIDS, Cancer, and many others that still have very high levels of mortality.

Today Echinacea and herbs in general are back in vogue. The use of herbal and home remedies is no longer regarded as outdated, and this means that in the future we might be able to enjoy a more affordable health system, as they do in Europe.

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