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TIP:Did you know that yogurt, placed on the face helps bring water from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface, thus moisturizing your skin for the rest of the day?

Cleanser for Dry Skin.

2 ounces aloe vera gel. 1 tsp. Vegetable oil or jojoba oil or Saint John’s Wort oil. 1 tsp. Glycerin. ½ tsp. Grapefruit seed extract. 8 drops Sandalwood essential oil. 4 drops rosemary essential oil. Mix all ingredients and shake well before use. Apply with cotton balls and rinse with warm water.

Homemade Toner for Dry Skin.

Toners are used to improve the appearance of the skin, to soothe and to nourish. Men can use toners as aftershaves.

2 ounces aloe vera gel. 2 ounces orange-blossom water. 1 tsp. wine vinegar. 6 drops rose geranium essential oil. 4 drops sandalwood essential oil. 1 drop chamomile essential oil. 800 UI vitamin E oil. (Puncture a gel capsule with a needle) Mix all ingredients and shake well before use.

The director of the Dermatological Clinic at the University of Bonn, Germany found that chamomile cream gives a smooth, healthy appearance to rough, red skin faster than other creams and it also reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Homemade Cream for Dry Skin.

3/4 ounces beeswax, shaved. (do not use paraffin) 1 cup vegetable oil. 1 cup of distilled water. 800 UI vitamin E (from a liquid gel) 24 drops rose geranium essential oil. Heat beeswax and oil in a pot until beeswax melts (it should be warm enough to the touch but without discomfort). In a separate pot heat water until is warm to the touch. Remove the center part of your blender’s lid and pour the water in. Turn the blender on high speed and slowly but steadily add the oil and wax mixture. The whole concoction should begin to solidify. Keep adding oil until the mixture does not take any more. Turn off the blender and using a spatula, place the cream in a wide mouthed container.

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