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Chickenpox is a viral infection, very common and highly contagious disease, newborns and adults may experience more severe symptoms then children who are at risk before the age of ten. Vaccinations have reduced its incidence. The symptoms for chicken pox do not appear until the infectious stage has begun these are fever, fatigue, itchy rash, loss of appetite. We have here some very powerful home remedies for chicken pox. Find some very useful home remedies chicken pox right here in this page.

This virus is transmitted by air (coughing or sneezing) or physical contact with a sick person, one or two days later a pimple like eruptions appear on the body they are filled with fluid and look like blisters, then they crust over. During this period itching can be very annoying but scratching them  can lead to infection and scarring.

Most of us are infected with this disease ones in our lives, after the fist exposure to the virus, the body builds up immunity in the form of antibodies that recognize the disease and kills the virus before it can infect us again. 

chickenpox normally starts and finishes in about two weeks but people with weak immune systems or newborns can have very serious complications, if infected prenatally there is a risk of birth defects.

List of Home remedies for chickenpox we recommend

  • Use Catnip tea sweetened with molasses.  It reduces fever.

  • Make a tea with: 

2 tbs. of queen of the meadow.  1 tsp. of coltsfoot leaves.  2 tsp. of marigold flowers.  2 cups of boiling water.  In a nonmetallic pot mix all ingredients let sit for 20 minutes. Take one cup a day.

  • Mix  2 tbs. marigold flowers. 1 tsp. witch hazel leaves. 1 cup of water. Let them sit over night. Apply on rash as needed it will relieve the itch of chicken pox. 

  • Some very useful homeopathic remedies are: Antimonium crudum, antimonium tartaricum, Pulsatilla, sulphur, rhus tox. 

  • Some very powerful herbs are: St. John's wort, pau d'arco, ginger, burdock root, echinacea, and goldenseal. 

  • Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.  Also, drink fresh juices. 

  • Fill the bath tub with cool water and add ginger to it, take a 30 minute bath. This helps stop the itching. 

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