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Bad breath is an embarrassing problem. A person with bad breath may be offensive without realizing it, as all the advertisements for breath mints, mouthwashes, and toothpastes are so quick to point out.

Try home remedies bad breath, they can eliminate halitosis in seconds, see the remedies below. In some cases, an unusual breath odor may be a sign of illness, such as a herpes infection of the mouth, diabetes, postnasal drip, tonsillitis, sinusitis, dental infection, strep throat, liver or kidney failure, or a lung abscess. Most of the time, however, bad breath—medically termed halitosis—is not the result of any major health problem. It is usually related to poor oral hygiene or poor digestion, sometimes both.

If a friend or family member (or you yourself) notice a bad smell on your breath, especially if the breath has a persistent or unusual odor, consult your physician. For instance, a dentist will be able to determine whether or not your bad breath is related to an underlying infection or other illness.

One particularly helpful—though, unfortunately, not often recommended—diagnostic test is a comprehensive stool analysis, which can be used to determine problems with digestion and assimilation, the presence of parasites, or the overgrowth of abnormal bacteria in the digestive tract.

List of Home Remedies for Bad Breath

  • Take an acidophilus and bifidobacteria supplement daily to establish and maintain favorable intestinal flora and healthy digestion. If you are allergic to milk, select a dairy-free product.

  • Chlorophyll tablets help freshen the breath because they have a cleansing effect in the intestines. Take a chlorophyll supplement, as directed on the product label, after each meal and again at bedtime.

  • If you suspect bad breath related to poor digestion, try supplementing your diet with digestive enzymes. There are a number of over-the-counter products available that use natural enzymes—bromelain (from pineapple) or papain (from papaya)—which may be helpful. Follow the dosage directions on the product label.

  • Sometimes bad breath is a result of poor stomach function. To strengthen the gastrointestinal tract, you may want to try taking duodenal extract with vitamin A as directed on the product label.

  • Choose an herbal-based toothpaste or tooth powder formulated without sugar. If this type of product is not available in your local drugstore, check a health-food store. Merfluan is a baking-soda-based tooth powder that is very popular in Europe. It comes in several different flavors.

  • The Chinese patent medicine Fare You is a cabbage extract that helps to heal and strengthen the stomach lining. If bad breath originates from compromised stomach function, consider trying Fare You. Follow the dosage directions on the product label.

  • Chew on a small sprig of parsley to freshen your breath. Parsley is rich in the natural deodorizer chlorophyll, and also sweetens the digestive tract.

  • If bad breath is an occasional problem related to poor digestion, typically accompanied by upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, or a lot of burping, sipping a cup of peppermint tea after meals should help to ease digestion. Or try taking a cup of ginger tea twice a day, with meals, to enhance digestion.

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