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Athlete's foot is a very common infection that affects mostly men and young people. Athlete's foot attacks the area between toes, soles of feet fingernails and toenails.

Athlete's Foot Causes

This infection is caused by a fungus called tinea pedis it lives off the dead skin cells, and thrives in moist, warm places, such as gyms, locker rooms, showers and swimming pools, Athlete's foot is also very contagious and is transmitted by coming in contact with wet floors, infected shoes or socks.

If repeated fungal infections are developed, it might be a sign of fungus in the groin area in these cases the problem should be treated simultaneously. Symptoms are: burning sensation between toes, itching, redness, scaling, blistering.

List of Home Remedies for Athlete's foot

  • Add 40 drops of tea tree oil to a small amount of water and soak your feet in it for 10 minutes after dry feet with a towel and a hair dryer to ensure that there is no moister is present this is important because the fungus my flourish under a toe nail that has not been completely dried. Place a few drops of oil on the area.

  • Use olive leafs as an anti bacterial for infections. Olive Leaf Extract comes from the olive tree which manufactures its own potent antibiotic substances to fend off disease causing bacteria, fungus and parasites. Olive Leaf Extract is an excellent antiviral agent. Olive Leaf Extract may be useful for herpes, flu, bacteria, malaria, fungal and yeast infections, inflammation, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue and colds.

  • Take fresh garlic slices and put it in your shoes, wear it all day. This is the best way of curing athlete's foot even better then all over the counter anti fungal drugs. 

  • Drink pau d'arco tea and soak your feet in a more concentrated form about 10 tea bags.

  • Do not wear socks twice, and make sure to keep your feet dry.

  • Spray your feet with underarm antiperspirant, this will insure that the affected area stays dry. Usually this alone may kill Athlete's foot since the fungus lives in moist places.

  • Dissolve 6 aspirins in 1/2 a cup of rubbing alcohol, shake well and apply on clean, dry feet. Repeat three times a day for three days or until athlete's foot is gone.

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