Healing Properties of Cilantro


Combat triglycerides with cilantro.

A herb widely used in the cuisines of Peru and Mexico is the best pollution control that exists apart from that Lowers cholesterol triglycerides and blood sugar is emerging as a natural antibiotic and more.

The cilantro aromatic kitchen where the leaves are used similar to parsley and seeds known as Cilantro is regarded as one of the emerging medicinal plants, not only by the broad global market covering but because it is a plant highly consumed in many countries, including Peru and Mexico where it is used with multiple therapeutic purposes. In the research on the cilantro was discovered that has chelating properties those which cause small particles are bonded together to form a larger particle which precipitates easily. This makes fresh coriander leaves as the best natural way to combat poisoning contaminants.

Healing Properties of Cilantro

The chelating therapies used in medicine in patients with blood metal poisoning due to ingestion of contaminated food or product, or poisoning due to the presence of contaminants in the environment (air, water, soil). In many cases, the old-mercury dental amalgams have been noted to cause poisoning symptoms all people still have them. Even the presence of mercury and aluminum in blood is associated with Alzheimer’s.

There is evidence that the chelation is successful for the removal of mercury and aluminum blood. It is also known that the chelation improves the health of patients with cardiovascular disease and removes many free radicals in tissues. These treatments are based intravenous administration of the agent EDTA (ethylene diamine tetracetic acid).

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, Director of Medical Research at the Heart Disease Foundation in New York, in the United States has found that _ stronger than the EDTA chelating properties, since in its fresh state removes any heavy metals blood less than two weeks of treatment. One tablespoon of fresh leaves per day is sufficient.

The cilantro was able to remove mercury and aluminum from their patients with infections and also delete any bacteria present in contaminated by heavy metals organs, stimulating the appetite and avoid gastrointestinal irritation. But this is just one of the amazing qualities that have been discovering this plant, used since antiquity.

One of the main features is its antibacterial property cilantro when used on food, provides us with a natural barrier. With the current struggle for the development of new and better antibiotics to which the bacteria are not resistant the importance of natural products offers a highly viable option.


This herb used in combination of leaves and seeds would be a new therapy for metabolic syndrome a pre-stage of diabetes, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

His most important action is antioxidant. Antioxidants are compounds which destroy free radicals contained in the organism, preventing the oxidative process that they generate Free radicals are compounds that have been implicated the onset of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. The leaves have a higher antioxidant activity. These contain high percentages of carotenoids: ten times more than a carrot.

To take advantage of the antioxidants, which are rapidly destroyed by heat, cilantro should be consume fresh. _ Another property has been found in aqueous extracts of the seeds of cilantro, which can can lower glycemia. The cilantro seeds are capable of stimulating insulin secretion and promotes the entry of glucose into cells. Cilantro seeds as they are called usually are a new dietary agent for glycemic control in diabetic patients. A pinch of ground seed in meals is recommended.


Use coriander and cilantro can be beneficial for many health problems. Carminative, eliminates gases formed in the intestines by eating fatty foods. It is slightly tonic in small doses but if consumed too has toxic effects on the nervous system with symptoms similar to alcohol intoxication.

Serves to facilitate digestion, gastritis and pancreatic insufficiency. Another virtue of cilantro is to encourage the production of milk in lactating women. This plant is grown worldwide, is known from Ancient Egypt. It can be considered both as a spice herb.

Its leaves and grass and its seeds are used as spice. It is used in both sweet and savory dishes.

The green leaves resemble a little parsley, mint and citrus. Visually confused with parsley., Although its aroma and taste are totally different. Its seeds, however, smell as sandalwood, cedar and orange. They are used to make curry vinaigrettes for vegetables, sauces and marinades. Coriander goes well with mint, basil, garlic, parsley and lemon. It is common in the cuisine of Peru and Mexico where it is used with all kinds of salty food: potatoes and peas, vegetables, seafood, fish, vegetables.

To not lose its flavor, it is better to cast it when he has little cooking. At this plant is also called the “Chinese parsley” and Peru it is called coriander. It is used as a spice and is a component of curry.

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