5 Foods That Help Cure Insomnia

When talking about homemade recipes for sleep, much is said and little is confirmed. From the classic lettuce tea to the small cup of milk with honey, there are too many myths (and some truths) on this topic. Below you’ll find the list of 5 Foods That Help Cure Insomnia and 5 that produce the opposite effect.

 5 Foods That Help Cure Insomnia

Cherries. They are one of the few natural foods that contain melatonin, an ideal substance to promote good rest. According to a study, the intake of sour cherry juice resulted in improvements in the quality and duration of sleep.

Milk. Grandma used to say “the best remedy before going to bed is a glass of milk with honey”.  And she was right, beyond the fact that in the last few years dairy cattle has gotten bad reputation. The truth is that the milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin brain chemistry, which would help to relax.

Cereals. Although, in general, carbohydrates are good for sleeping, not all have the same effect. It is not the same eating a package of cookies that consume a portion of “corn flakes” containing “good carbohydrates”.  Other valid options can also be the quinoa, barley and buckwheat. If they are combined with milk, the better.

Banana. It helps to stimulate sleep because it contains magnesium and potassium, excellent natural relaxing nutrients. In addition, and as if this were not enough, it is carbohydrates that also collaborate with a good rest.

Sweet Potato. Promotes relaxation as it not only contains carbohydrates, but also it is a great source of potassium. Other foods that include this nutrient are beans, papayas, and even potatoes (not fried and with skin).

Wine. Consume any type of alcoholic beverage before going to bed is totally harmful for a good rest. Why is that? In spite of the fact that the myth says that a “small glass” is good for sleep, alcohol is metabolized very quickly in our organism and causes us to wake up several times during the night. And not only this: one study found that affects the quality and quantity of sleep and increases the level of snoring.

Chicken. This -or any other type of protein – is very counterproductive if consumed at dinner. The reason is that it slows digestion; therefore, the body takes more time to deal with this task which affects the rest.

Chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a high level of caffeine, a substance that affects sleep considerably. In addition, we find among its components theobromine, a stimulant that increases the heart rate and also produces insomnia.

Hamburger. Especially if it has cheese or bacon: the high content of fat is the perfect assassin of sleep. Why does that affects our rest? Fat stimulates the production of acid in the stomach and this can, in addition, give us acidity.

Coffee. Very simple: caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system by which of course, will affect sleep. While there are people more tolerant than others to this substance, the ideal situation is not consume coffee at night, before retiring to bed.

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