4 Free Bonuses ! ! !

Free Bonus Gift #1: 

“Make your own Natural household cleaners” This Report will be added to your order, a complete guide full with recipes on how to make natural household cleaners, like sink scrubbers, Glass cleaners, Air fresheners, disinfectants, Floor cleaners, and much more. Find out how polluted the air in your home really is and how these poisons increase the chances of developing ear infections. Did you know that by mixing a few natural ingredients that you already have in your home you could make glass cleaner? This is a $15.00 value gift. 

Free Bonus Gift #2:

Free subscription to my own MSN Community “Ask Charles (About Herbal healing)” In this community you'll be able to ask questions and receive answers to all your inquiries regarding herbs and remedies. There are already hundreds of questions and answers posted and you can access them all. I personally answer every question. This is a $50.00 value gift. 

Free Bonus Gift #3:

A 1 year subscription to my member’s area, a private site loaded with remedies information, this site contains so MANY topics and even more information and recipes and you will have access to everything using the User Name and Password we will provide when you order the e-book. This membership would cost you $14.99 a month which means that your free One year subscription costs everyone else $180.00 but is yours FREE!! 

Free Bonus Gift #4:

Healing Food Recipes Cook-e-Book. This practical e-book shows you how to prepare drinks, salads, entrees, and soups. The special part of it is that all of the delicious recipes are remedies as well. This e-book shows you how to prepare foods that can help you improve your memory, vision, reduce stress, boost your immune system, and more. Choose from healing drinks, shakes, salads, soups, entrees and more. This e-book has a value of $19.95. And is yours Free. But you need to order before the dead line to claim these 4 Free bonuses so don’t delay Order Now. 

FREE Fresh out of the press

Free Bonus Gift #5 :


Finally a safe and natural way to loose weight becoming healthier in the process all the secrets you need to know to regain your health while shedding pounds and pounds. This amazing never seen before book is yours free if you order before the deadline

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