Halitosis, or bad breath, is usually caused by the presence of bacteria. It is very frequent submission to wake up in the morning, after several hours of sleep, when the structures of the mouth were at rest and the production of saliva was very low. It is estimated that it affects 25 per cent of the population. There are many Natural Cures for Halitosis.


There are various Natural Cures for Halitosis to fight this and enjoy the food without prejudice


Natural Cures for Halitosis * Milk. A team of researchers from the University of Ohio, United States, came to the conclusion that drinking a glass of milk during dinner is the best remedy to prevent bad breath. As published in the magazine specializing in food “Journal of Food Science”, whole milk is more effective than skim milk because it contains more fat.


* Coffee. Scientists from the University of Tel Aviv, Israel, showed that not only does not cause bad breath, as we tend to think, but that its extract is able to inhibit the bacteria that cause bad breath.


* According to a study by the University of Illinois, United States, the extract from the bark of the Magnolia is one of the best remedies against bad breath. This fact came to light in a note of the “Journal of Agricultural  and Food Chemistry “, a publication for experts in the topic. According to this paper, when you place it in the mouth as an ingredient in a candy or a piece of chewing gum, this compound is able to inhibit 61% of the bacteria that cause halitosis. Mint, however, destroys only 3.6 % of the germs at the same time. Experts suggest that the bark of magnolia could be used as a replacement for toothpaste in situations in which the oral hygiene with toothbrush is not possible.


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