Although the fertility cycle is almost exclusively female concern, men also suffer infertility.


How to increase your chances of conceiving after age 41.

improve fertilityIt is proven. Sperm does not last forever, ie: like the egg has a life cycle. This is the result of a study presented by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, where it was revealed that between 41 and 45 years male chances of conceiving a child are reduced by 7% for each year that passes. To this was added another important conclusion: As the body ages so does the DNA *, and if it is altered, the impact on fertility and childbearing product can be negative.


The researchers note that while man has a capacity to produce sperm which is renewed every 80 days, the quality decreases with the Aryans. However, not only the passage the attentive time against male fertility.


* Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) contains instructions
genetic tions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and is responsible for the transmission of hereditary information. DNA segments containing this genetic information are called genes.

You can not change your chronological age, but has the ability to help your body clock and changes through, positively affect their fertility.

Say No to …

The Snuff: Influence sperm count and affects mobility.


Drugs: It affects semen quality. Marijuana is one of the most harmful.


Testicular Trauma: Can be caused by strokes, use of bicycles with nose (the tip) seat, and excessive heat in the area due to wearing tight clothing or work near furnace or other heat sources.


Environmental Hazards: Regular exposure to environmental toxins (such as pesticides, organic solvents, fumes or radiation) may damage sperm quality.


Say Yes to …


Diet: A diet low in fat, sugar and sodium protects the quality of semen.


Sexual Activity: The frequency renew sperm.


Regular Exercise: Staying physically active promotes good functioning of the body and mind. In addition, the reproductive organs are the amount of oxygen needed to optimize its performance.


Stress Control: Techniques for breathing and relaxation favor a positive balance for fertility.


Reduce alcohol consumption: As other substances in excess impairs the quality of the sperm.


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