Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are abnormally enlarged veins that appear close to the skin’s surface. They occur usually in the calves and thighs and is the result of malfunctioning valves inside the veins as prolonged pressure or obstruction of the veins. There many home remedies varicose veins in our site, please check them out.

Varicose veins can develop in people from standing or sitting for long periods of time, poor exercise, pregnancy, excessive weight, prolonged constipation, people who habitually sit with their legs crossed. Also heavy lifting put increased pressure on legs increasing the likelihood of developing varicose veins. Support stockings and socks can help to treat and prevent varicose veins. Heart failure, liver disease, and abdominal tumors can contribute in the formation of varicose veins. Heredity is also a factor for many individuals. A deficiency of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids can weaken the collagen structure in the vein walls, which can lead to varicose veins.


Varicose veins are very common and affect approximately 10% of the population. More women than men are affected. In some cases if varicose veins are not treated properly, some complications can emerge. The characteristics more common are: swelling, restlessness, leg sores, itching, leg cramps, feeling of heaviness in the legs and fatigue.


List of Home Remedies for Varicose Veins We recommend

  • Eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. The diet also has to be low in fat and carbohydrates.


  •  Eat as many blackberries and cherries as you can. They help to  prevent varicose veins, and if you have them they may ease the symptoms.


  • Including ginger, onions, garlic and pineapple in your diet is beneficial.


  • Your diet has to be high in fiber to prevent constipation and  keep the bowels clean.
  • Avoid as much as possible sugar, ice cream, fried foods, peanuts, junk foods, cheeses, tobacco, salt, alcohol, animal protein, and processed and refined foods.


  • Do a daily routine of exercise. Walking, swimming and bicycling all promote good circulation. It is very important that in complement maintain a healthy weight.


  • Do not wear tight clothes because they restrict blood flow. The only exception is when wearing medical compression stockings from reputable manufacturers.


  • At least once a day elevate your legs above the heart level for 20′ to alleviate symptoms.


  • Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time, crossing your legs doing heavy lifting and putting any unnecessary pressure on your legs.


  • If you at work are sitting on a desk all day, make sure you take breaks to walk around. you can also flex your muscles and wiggle your toes to increase blood flow. If it is possible try to rest your feet on an object that is elevated from the floor when seated.


  • If you at work have to stand for long period of time, shift your weight between your feet, stand on your toes, or take breaks to walk around to alleviate pressure.


  • Elevate your feet at all moment at home while watching TV or sitting down to read.


  • To ease pain and stimulate circulation, fill a tub with cold water and simulate waking.


  • Avoid scratching the itchy skin above varicose veins. This can cause ulceration and bleeding.


  • After bathing apply Castor oil over the varicose veins affected and massage into your legs from the the feet.
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  • Earl Olusola

    Thanks for this tip! I have a varicose veins and I feel bad about it,. By the way I’m just 29.

  • Sharath

    hi madam,

    i had undergone varicose veins operation and still my leg is not cured,
    i am suffering this problem from 2 years.

  • Savithri Venkataramani

    very useful and obvious tips given. Is there any particular fruit and vegetable beneficial for varicose veins?

  • Flora chebii

    How about using honey instead of sugar?

  • Cynthia

    pls i will like to no more on how to get rid of the varicose veins. because the look are not rly nice.thanx

    • Moe

      I am pregnant and because of hormones I have started developing vericose veins. Since in pregnant I developed them “down there”. Not fun at all. But Iu have been using a cheese grater and grading potatoes up and put it on my veins as my midwife suggested. WOW what a difference! I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through the last ten weeks of my pregnancy. Eight weeks to go now and they are only getting smaller. I’m not sure how you can get the potatoes and the juices to stay on your leg, but I’m sure it would help on your legs. Try it for one week. You’ll be amazed!

  • Saswata Mandal

    Hi ,

    I am from Kolkata ,India.

    My mom is 60 years old and she has varicose veins in both legs. I read that smooth messaging with Vitamin E Oil + Cold Extracted Olive Oil can cure that slowly.

    So, I selected :-

    1) Borges Extra Virgin Cold Extraction Olive Oil
    2) Jason Vitamin E Oil.

    But , I am confused , which Jason Vitamin E Oil to choose from the available products :

    a) Jason Vitamin E 5000 Iu Oil – All Over Body Nourishment
    b) Jason Vitamin E 14,000 IU Oil – Lipid Treatment
    c) Jason Vitamin E 32000 Iu Extra Strength Oil – Targeted Solution
    d) Jason Vitamin E 45000 Iu Pure Beauty Oil
    e) Jason Vitamin E 45000 IU Maximum Strength Oil

    What is the significance of the IU numbers ?

    Kindly suggest which Jason Oil , I should select .

    Thanks & Regards
    Saswata Mandal.

  • Cheryl

    I have varicose veins real bad, but they don’t hurt or anything… but just look so bad… is there any home remedies to make them go away so they’re not visible… please someone tell me something… Thanks so much…

  • Afreen hallur

    my mom suffering from vericose veins n is a diabetic patient plz do tell me hw can vericose veins b cured

  • Betty

    I can see the veins thru my skin and my leg are in so much pain and they feel heavy. I can’t barely walk..I ve been placing compreses of apple vinager with water . I know its only one day I did but it wil help?
    Please you help me.

  • Deebakhan

    I wana know the home remedies for diabetic patient having blockage in foot veins

  • Rakesh

    my mom had severe problem of varicose vein. my friend suggested a homeremedy. it really worked. mix groundnut oil with pure turmeric powder m..make a paste and apply overnight. continue for six months. problen will be resolved

    • Bobbi

      Did the appearance of the veins go away??
      Also what did she COVER over the paste to not get on sheets?

    • David Freitas

      Give Leg wrappings with White oak Bark
      a try. And take butchers broom herb internally.
      Increase your vitamin E to 800 to 1200 IU

  • Atuosa Seyedian

    DermalMD Serum works sooo good.i finally can get some sleap .and my husband absolutely loves this product because he can sleap .before leg veins i would be up all night shaking my legs and sometimes i sleap so well.

  • Layla Rashwan

    I would like to know an effective treatment for varicose veins I have many but superficial . I have injected them but it all came back . Please I need your reply

  • Evelyn nyamwange

    I would like to know how l can treat vericose vain from my legs and reduce the swelling. Thank u

  • Rajesh reddy

    This information is indeed v.awesome n true to the best of my knowledge.
    it is v.beneficial also
    thanks & regards

  • My mom is sufrng frm ths disorder ..plz tell me some suggestn tht wat r the best rrmedies for it

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    It is very good to read the home remedies of Varicose veins

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      excellent information and beneficial to patients

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