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This information will save you hundreds of dollars in products that simply disguise the real problem.

From Charles Silverman N.D.

Certified Naturopathic and Herbalist Doctor

Dear Friend,

I’ve seen the power of all natural remedies and treatments at work for the past 18 years in my own natural healing clinic. I believe everyone deserves the ability to heal themselves in a safe, cost efficient way – something that is becoming increasingly hard to do with modern medicine’s drug saturated philosophy.

Why trust me?

home remedies for dark under eye circlesNot only are all my remedies guaranteed, but I’ve got experience and training you can feel confident in…

home remedies for dark under eye circlesGraduated from The International Center for Professional and Technical Studies in Israel with a degree in holistic medicine.

home remedies for dark under eye circlesServed on First South American congress of holistic medicine and alternative therapies for low income people. Hosted by Saint Johns Catholic Church.

home remedies for dark under eye circlesBy attending international conventions and training events I keep you on the cutting edge of natural medicine.

I’m sure you want answers to the following questions: 

What is the cause of dark circles around the eyes ?  How does one remove dark circles under eyes ?  Is there a cure for dark circles under the eyes ?  Are there any home remedies for dark under eye circles ?

One thing is clear, you are sick and tired of standing in front of the mirror looking like you went head to head for 12 rounds with a professional boxer.

Don’t waste any more money.

Let’s be honest, most products out there are expensive and they don’t work. They ineffectively disguise the problem, they don’t treat dark circles.

And the ones that claim to remove dark circles have many side effects. Hydroquinone cream for dark circles is one example. The side effects are worse than the dark circles itself. hydroquinone cream causes adverse reactions like dryness and fissuring of paranasal and infraorbital areas, erythema, stinging and hypersensitivity (localized contact dermatitis).

Do you want any of these side effects on your face? I don’t think so.

A sad reality

Dark circles tell everybody around you that there is something wrong with you, that you are not well, that you are not as attractive as you used to be, or that you look much older than you really are.

And the sad reality is that it’s true, dark circles make you look exhausted, ill, old and depressed.

Let’s face it, we really hate to walk around looking half dead and half sick. That is why we spend so much time covering them up or at least trying.

How many times you wished people would stop asking the same questions over and over? Are you felling well? Did something happen? You look sad. Did you get any sleep last night? And let’s not get into those embarrassing comments from friends and family that everybody finds amusing…Everybody but you.

I know because it happened to me…

It was five years ago I was invited to speak in a convention on natural therapies, in Miami; I was so honored and thrilled. My wife and some friends were going to be there, so we decided to make it a fun evening by going to dinner after the convention.

I spend a week writing what I was going to say in front of many of my colleagues, this was very important to me and I wanted to make a good impression. But during the days prior to the event I started to be preoccupied about my appearance, not because I look bad, after all I work out every other day; the reason for my worries were the dark circles under my eyes, I have a fairly white complexion and when I’m under attack by this shiners I look almost dead.
So the day came and sure enough I found myself in front of the mirror staring at my own face, there they were, right under my eyes again. If it was not for my tuxedo, I would have looked like Mike Tyson just had a boxing practice with my face. I was really disturbed and angry, I knew I had to do something quick, but did not know what.
So I did what no man would ever do, I cover my dark circles with my wife’s makeup. I did not care I had to look good, this was my night. After a few minutes in the bathroom applying a skin tone base, I was satisfied by the outcome, it was not perfect but they were not as noticeable as before.
I was very nervous as I walked to the small stage prepared for the speakers; a microphone and a very bright light were waiting for me. As I started to speak I saw all those people listening to me in silence and this made me feel unease. As the minutes went by, the light and my tuxedo were conspiring to make me perspire. I noticed how my forehead was getting damp. Eventually sweat started to roll down from the sides of my head, this made me very nervous, but I was able to finish without anybody noticing anything.
Once I finished I walked back to my table, as I sat down my wife immediately said to me ¨Honey you are sweating¨, I quickly took my handkerchief and wiped my face down. That’s when I saw that all of the makeup that I so carefully putted on, was now smeared all over this piece of cloth.
I went to the washroom and in there my fears were confirmed, my dark circles under the eyes were in the front row again, what a nightmare.
A few days after the convention I received the photos taken during that night, I looked tired, old and sad. This was a turning point for me, because I realized that I had to do something. I’m a Naturopathic Doctor that helps people be healthier, yet I look ill.
That same day I started doing my research, looking for an answer, a solution to this problem.
Five years later I can say that I know everything there is to know about dark circles under the eyes.


So I create this Website and place all my findings at your finger tips.

Discover the complete truth and cure your dark circles forever. Get all the answers for every question about dark circle under the eyes.

Dark Circles are caused by many underlying health conditions which must be treated or else your dark circles will only get worse as time goes by.

Finally, after searching high and low and investing an incredible amount of time and effort I made some very important discoveries.

I found all the causes for dark circles and every home remedy needed for each one, plus a whole lot of information that lead to my own theory which I have tested and proven effective. And now I want to share it with you in this complete step-by-step report.


I found so many causes and solutions that I felt obligated to putted all in this e-book.

“The How to Remove  Dark Circles Naturally Report”

by Charles Silverman N.D.


home remedies for dark under eye circles

This Is Not A Long Winded Book On Treating Dark Circles under the eyes

It Is A Quick And Easy To Use
Encyclopedia Of Natural Cures and Home Remedies

With Simple Instructions On How To Treat And Heal Dark Circles

This is how you will remove your dark circles forever…

By tackling the real underlying condition causing dark circles you get rid of them and you also improve your health.

 You will learn how many body dysfunctions can cause dark circles and the remedies to treat them; you’ll become healthier while eliminating Dark circles.

 Find out how two organs are responsible for 60 percent of all cases of dark circles. Treat them and kiss your dark circles good bye forever using natural inexpensive home remedies.

home remedies for dark under eye circles How to detoxify your body to cleanse your blood and remove dark circles with herbs that regenerate your hepatic system and promote clear radiant skin.

home remedies for dark under eye circles Find out how the problem is not only in your skin or under your eyes but in other parts of your body which are responsible for causing dark circles under the eyes. Learn how to treat those organs and you will get rid of dark circles forever.

home remedies for dark under eye circles Pick and choose from a long list of remedies to treat each body dysfunction using only natural ingredients without side effects, chemicals or expensive drugs.

home remedies for dark under eye circles Learn everything there is to know about each illness that causes dark circles then you’ll learn how to treat each of those conditions naturally.

home remedies for dark under eye circles Learn what kind of allergies cause dark circles and how to treat them using only natural remedies you never heard of before and without side effects.

home remedies for dark under eye circles Make your sleeping problems and Dark circles vanish at the same time with simple remedies that will allow you to sleep deeper and wake up well rested and fresher making your daily routine enjoyable and effortless.

The importance of your diet and the foods that cause dark Circles

 You will learn how to take advantage of one finding which revealed that a simple nutrient missing in your diet might be causing your dark circles.

 A complete step-by-step nutrition guide to improve your diet thus reducing dark circles.

 Learn what foods are good for each illness causing dark circles.

 Learn what foods cause dark circles and how avoiding those foods also improve your health and increase your stamina.

Easy five minute home remedies you can prepare to treat dark circles quickly in case of emergency

 13 very easy to make home remedies to help remove dark circles.

 Menstruation and dark circles are also related, reduce the symptoms of premenstrual aches with some very powerful home remedies and watch those dark circles fade.

 Make a very powerful natural home remedy I call:The Five Day Dark Circles Remover Paste.

 9 things you might be doing right now that are causing your dark circles. Stop doing them and see the results.

 Learn about one kind of laser still being used today by surgeons all over the world, which has been recommended to be discontinued after causing too many cases of deep scarring under the eyes from thermal damage.

 Read about the one research that proved why most Hindus have dark circles under their eyes. You will be surprised to learn how this could be causing your dark circles too.

 Learn how to boost your immune system drinking an ancient formula that you can make following some easy steps to keep those dark circles from coming back!!

Start looking Young, Happy, Healthy and Attractive

 20% of people getting a laser surgery will end up with some kind of skin damage. Learn how to guard your health by staying away from this risk.

 Improve your self-esteem by knowing that your dark circles are gone forever.

 Look better and feel healthier then ever before while nourishing your body simply and easily following the nutrition guide in this report.

 You won’t believe your eyes literally; once you are dark circles free your self-worth sky-rockets because you look younger, fresher, healthier and sexier then before.

You’ll start your working day looking rested, healthy, happy and younger.

 Impress your spouse with a new look on your face.

 Recover the spark that was once in your eyes but went unnoticed relinquished by your dark circles.

 Never again listen to another observation about your diminishing looks.

 Learn how to remove dark circles from your eyes even if they are caused by heredity.

 Look younger and feel great every time you look in the mirror.

Is time you start looking the way you used to. It is simple and inexpensive no matter what those big shot plastic surgeons try to make you believe.

Keep in mind 2 more things.

One: Laser treatment is not magic; it produces redness puffiness and discoloration for days after the treatment is done. Imagine yourself walking around and going to work in those conditions.

Two: This treatment does not take care of the real underlying health condition that is causing your dark circles in the first place, so after wasting all that money and time chances are that your dark circles will return as the body dysfunctions progresses.

With The How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally Report you keep that time and money while improving your health and removing your dark circles from the inside out.

YOU will be healthier,  YOU will have your self-esteem back, YOU will be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in laser surgery and medicines.

And most importantly you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are returning your body to a healthy balance and eliminating dark circles NATURALLY.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Listen To What These Readers Had To Say

Real Customer Story

“Dear Dr. Silverman: As a model it is very important to me the way I look, after all I make my living showing my physical features, so you can imagine how frustrated I felt having Dark eye circles.

One day I was turned down from a photo shoot because they said I needed to have to much make up in order to make my dark circles less noticeable, That was when I new I had to do something.

I decided to give your techniques a try and I ‘m happy to say that after a week I noticed some significant improvement, three weeks have passed and I can honestly say that my dark circles are gone.Thank you for this great solution, I’m enclosing some photos of my progress. “

Best regards, Cinthia Clark Miami Beach, FL

Real Customer Story


“Dark eye circles was a huge problem in my life. I tried every over-the-counter product and cover-up cosmetic I could find, but most just ended up making me look like a clound. I am very glad to say that this book uncovers a natural way to clear your dark circles from the inside-out, and not some makeup that will only hide the problem. I hope you are able to help a lot of other people, just like you have helped me!”

Barbara Martinez, 32 Yellowknife, Canada 

Real Customer Story

“Mr. Silverman,

Although I was skeptical about your program, the results were amazing! I was finally able to eliminate my dark circles under the eyes and I have been able to keep make whole face fresher and younger for the last 4 months. The best part about your program is that you have provided me with the tools and knowledge to be able to keep the dark circles from coming back for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful!”

Dan Castello, New York, USA

Independent Health Review
Not a believer in doctors? Just like to do it all yourself? Charles Silverman, ND a certified Naturopathic, has created the ultimate do-it-yourself home remedy manual in his book How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally Report. Theres nothing wrong with traditional methods of healing, but there are a lot of product that you can make at home instead of buying them in stores. As published at: 

Independent Book Review
“When I first saw the website for this book, I was skeptical. I thought it would be just another collection of well known home herbal remedies for dark circles. But I bought the book anyway, because I have studied medicinal herbs and herbal medicine for years and collected all resources I could find on the topic. The book surprised me. The recipes included were very simple, most of the ingredients were already in my kitchen or I could buy them in a local supermarket or fruit and vegetable store.” As printed on 

Okay, How Much Does This Incredible Resource Cost?

Here’s the best news of all: you made it here just in time to take advantage of an unprecedented offer.  The regular price is $19.97 Trust me for all the information in the e-book that is a great price, especially if you consider that laser treatment will cost you $100.00 for one 15 minutes session and close to ten sessions are needed to remove dark circles which comes up to close to $1,000.00.

But since this is my best selling book I want to offer a great price to a few lucky ones to celebrate the incredible success of the e-book, and also as a special thank you gift to people like you who want to find out about all the incredible, never revealed remedies for dark circles that I have personally researched and tested.

I can’t keep the price this low forever, but…

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Just one of the remedies in this “How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally Report” could easily save you that much and more… comparing it with only one cover up cream. So enjoy these health enhancing, money saving tips for a fraction of the price.


Finally, because I really want kick off the launch, I’m throwing in Eight exciting Free Bonuses

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Free Bonus Gift #4: A 1 year subscription to my member’s area A private site loaded with remedies information, this site contains so MANY topics and even more information and recipes and you will have access to everything using the User Name and Password we will provide when you order the e-book. This membership would cost you $14.99 a month which means that your free One year subscription costs everyone else $180.00 but is yours FREE!!

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Take it to the bank Guarantee
 So quite frankly, I’m just not worried about people asking for a refund. I’m so confident that once you experience the same results for yourself, you’ll be so thrilled you’d never dream of asking for your money back. None the less, the burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don’t cure your Dark Circles under the eyes, or if your skin does not improve, then I’m the loser, not you.


What To Do Right Now To Start It’s easy to get started right away. Just click below on the method of payment you would like to use to get your copy now.

Grab your copy for only $9.50 Don’t delay, this is a one time offer and it will not be repeated. Grab your copy now…



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P.S. Just think! You’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of going through life with dark eye circles looking or feeling less attractive than you are.

Don’t just put a band aid on the problem and risk wasting a ton of money. Start using these safe, natural treatments today!

P.P.S. Don’t delay, act now, you have absolutely no risk. Try it and if you don’t like it, all you have to do is take advantage of our automatic refund system, and the money is deposited into your credit card or bank account no questions ask.

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