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Croup is an acute inflammation of the respiratory tract and is usually caused by a virus, although allergies and trauma can also bring on an attack, as can anything (such as small objects) that interferes with the airway. The inflammation that occurs with croup causes swelling, which makes breathing difficult. This is why those with the malady make such a loud, barking, labored sound when inhaling. Croup usually occurs in small children (up to age three), although it can occur later. It seems to be worse at night and usually begins with a barking cough and hoarseness. Find home remedies croup below.

This can progress to respiratory distress that, in some cases, can be quite severe. Fever may accompany the breathing difficulties. Children with croup should be under the care of a qualified health-care practitioner.



List of Home Remedies for Croup

  • Remedies Croup #1:

2 teaspoons elecampane root
2 teaspoons Seneca snake root
2 teaspoons sage
2 cups water
Combine the above herbs in a pan and cover with the water; bring to a boil; reduce heat, and simmer for 30 minutes; cool and strain. Take as needed.


  • Remedies Croup #2:

1teaspoon mullein leaves
2 teaspoons chopped valerian root
1teaspoon passionflower
2 teaspoons wild cherry bark
2 cups boiling water
Combine the herbs in a glass container and cover with the boiling water; steep for 30 minutes; cool and strain. Take as needed.


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