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When  a bone in the body breaks or cracks it’s called fracture. There are two types of fractures: closed or simple, when the skin that covers the bone remains intact or it’s open or compound when the bone breaks the skin. Use the home remedies bone fracture in this site to speed up healing.

When a fracture occurs, cause terrible pain and tenderness in the area fractured, along with swelling, the appearance of some blood under the skin and some numbness, tingling or paralysis below the injured area.


When a person fractures an arm or leg, he or she could lose the pulse below the fracture. Fractures are more common in young children and in older adults. As we grow older, our bones get weaker and more fragile, and they take more and more time to heal themselves.


A fracture requires professional attention, what we offer here are recommendations that will aid in healing after the bone has been set.


NOTE: Bone mass increases continually throughout life until approximately 30-40 years of age. In later years, net bone loss occurs when bone resorption exceeds the amount of bone formed. In fact, bones lose their density continuously each year after the age of 30 in both men and women. To assist in promoting the health of our bones, studies have long shown that a daily intake of Calcium is critical. 


List of Home Remedies for Bone Fracture

  • Eat half pineapple every day until it’s completely healed. It contains Bromelain, an enzyme that helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. Do not eat canned or processed pineapples. If you don’t  like fresh pineapple, take the supplement Bromelain. It has the same effect as pineapple.
  • It is very important to regain Bone Strength as soon as possible to avoid future injuries and to insure a solid bone fusion. we recommend that you take this. 


  • Do not eat red meat, and avoid drinking colas and all products containing caffeine.


  • Avoid eating foods with preservatives, they contain Phosphorous which can lead to bone loss.


  • Take Boron, is important for the health and healing of the bone.


  • Take Calcium + Magnesium + Potassium.  They are essential to repair bone damage and to maintain a good muscle and heart condition.


  • Take Zinc, helps repair tissue damage.

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22 Response to "Home Remedies Bone Fracture"

  • Amit

    Hell sir
    My grandmother is 80 years old & had a crack in pelvic girdle & Dr. Says surgery is not successful Please suggest me a treatment

  • Yogendra singh

    Hii sir I’m serving in Indian army & due to long & continue running I got fibula stress fracture . doctor advised me to take rest but it couldn’t . now I’m suffering with pain & unable to run & fibula is swelling. One year passed sir but problem is as it is . what should I do sir?


    my left foot small toe is fractured couple to times with the hit of solid wooden chair or iron table corner hurt between 2 toes.first air with cold pack then xray and plaster but i. 3 weeks still it is paining now I removed the tape plaster and fast so I can wear my boots hot Haldi chuna . taking calcium plus Vitamin D. I am 62 yrs old lady, repoi have mild austroporisis i take lime water. what should I do to protect & heal my toes fast. please advise.

  • Sarad

    I have fracture my foot 11weeks ago can I apply load

  • Nishant Mehta

    hello doctor, my father age of 67.. his hipjoint is facture and ortho dr has suggested that avoid operation because patient has already bedretain and his body already too week . So in this case what should we can do

  • Andy mare

    i have a fracture of the right leg what i will do

  • Mich

    Hello doctor, i slip on the road pavement and felt my full 110kg body on my left arm. Its been almoat 12hours and i can hardly lift my arm to my head level. I applied cold compress and heat as well. There ia no swelling just pain. I dont know what else to do. Pmease advice

    • Mich, you should have that checked out by your doctor first, then we can use natural approach to treat it.

  • Raman soman

    Iam suffered pelvic fracture

  • Uma Gupta

    I had a fall in the kitchen in Oct 2013, and broke my right femur bone on the knee side. It was a spiral fracture with bone chipping which the Doctors put together in a 5 hour Long surgery Infection had set in and they had to reopen the bone 2 times more to clean it and put antibiotics in. I was on a high dosage of antibiotics for 12-14 months .
    I was operated again for removing the plate inserted inside to give it support. The plate broke and a piece of nut still remains inside. Another doctor operated upon the fracture and did a bone graft but to no use . My leg became shorter and the trouble remains the same. The union of bone remains partial. I have suffered for 3 years and there doesn’t seem a way out.
    Is there anyway this bone can join so that I can lead a normal life ?
    I am taking 1000 mg of Calcium, 1000 mg of vitamin C .
    Please can you help? Every now and then there is pain & swelling.
    After 6 operations I cannot go through another operation and it’s trauma. Is there any medicine that will cure me? Please help

  • Kipa

    hello doctor, please help me.. while i was playing football yesterday i think i broke or sprained my bone above the ankle.. what should i do.. i cant walk properly.. shoud i go for a check up.. or let it heal on its on.. the legs swollen..and it pains while i walk.

  • Vrinda

    my mother 73 years had afracture in her shoulder she was operated .now she is doing physiotherapy.but there is pain.she was operated in may 2016.what is the best remedy for her

  • Namrata

    I have fracture in my finger to get relif from its pain

  • Samita

    I have a fracture, in my right hand and I can lift the right hand, what should I do doctor.

  • Amreen qureshi

    I am bearing street fractures in right legs in 2nd metarbolism i treatment of that sinces one year back but reagain it started swelling in leg and again pain strated when i removed xrays the reports normal he told that vitamins problem he started calcim and vitamin tablet i done course for more then one month then its same pain swelling i remove reports like vitamine c and tairod the reports normals i wont understand what to do now beacuse from the medicine stop then again pain start then again medicine i started gaining weight i am age 24 and more then 65 i wont understand please suggest i dont wanna eat any more medicine.

  • Vikram

    I have a fracture at ankle 2 months before now I am not able to walk properly pls guide me

  • Danyelle

    I have a stress Fracture in the ankle. How can I speed up healing and avoid cast. On my feet alot with children

  • Bijal

    Hi Charles I have recently been operated for a wrist fracture. My wrist is now out of a cast but it looks very swollen and it’s still very painful.

    What vitamins/food do you recommend to speed up the healing process?

    Many thanks!


  • Sanjeet

    What is the best treament for bone fracture?

    • Sanjeet, it depends on the fracture and where in the body is located.

      • I have a fracture of the femur . this has been rehabilitated with rods and screws

      • Dr.R.Sharma

        what is the ayurvedic treatment of femur fracture. please extend your advice

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