Most people, when they have trouble sleeping, begin to turn in bed and “seeking the dream.” The problem is that the more effort we make to sleep, the more we worry about our inability to sleep and we find it harder to fall asleep / as. Indeed, we have conditioned to have difficulty sleeping. Use the cures for insomnia in our site.

For most people the ritual before going to bed that consists of activities such as washing the mouth, remove the covers, turn off the light served as a message to our brain to relax and put us sleepy. In people who have been conditioned to having sleep problems, the contrary prior to bedtime activities are rather a signal that tells the brain to prepare for a long and frustrating battle.



In these cases, follow these simple tips may be all we need to break this vicious circle and once again enjoy a pleasant dream.


Go to bed at the same time every day and go to bed only when sleepy.


Exercise regularly, but do not do it near bedtime. Leave at least five hours between exercise and bedtime.


Eliminate or reduce caffeine and smoking. Almost everyone knows that caffeine makes it difficult to sleep, what many do not realize is that smoking near bedtime can disrupt sleep and cause us to wake up several times at night . Studies have shown that smokers show a decrease from the deepest stage of sleep, ie one in which delta waves predominate. Smoking also causes congestion in the airways and inflammation on mucous membranes. This makes the air flow is impeded, causing problems similar to those of sleep apnea.


Avoid turning to alcohol as a remedy for insomnia. Many people use alcohol as a sleep aid. However this may be counterproductive. Alcohol can certainly make us but later we sleep at night, as the body was metabolized, it becomes substances called aldehydes that make the dream become unstable. Even worse alcohol suppresses REM sleep than as we have said is of great importance for the processing and memory consolidation.


Avoid eating too much before bedtime. The digestive process can interfere with sleep.


Take your vitamins. Several studies have shown that different sleep problems can are linked to deficiencies in the B complex, calcium, copper, zinc, iron and magnesium.


Do not sleep on other days you do not have to go to work. Some people use the weekends to sleep or stay in bed until almost noon. The result is an alteration of biological rhythms. On the other hand if you need eight hours sleep and is forced to sleep ten or eleven his sleep will be shallow and wake up with less energy than if he had slept less. The only circumstance under which it is healthy to stretch the period of sleep is when we are recovering from a period of lack of sleep.


Do not use bedtime to think about their problems.


If you feel tense use relaxation techniques, deep breathing, yoga, massage or gentle instrumental music for relaxation.


Try some natural remedies. Valerian root is an excellent mild relaxant that helps many people sleep and that contrary to some commonly prescribed drugs for insomnia, do not interfere with REM sleep and leaves the person in a state of drowsiness upon awakening. However valerian should not be used for more than three weeks running. In some people it can cause headaches or upset stomach. Other natural remedies that can help are the cataria (Catnip), chamomile, and skullcap (skullcap). For these and other natural remedies is advisable to consult a naturopath or naturopathic doctor properly licensed.


Try melatonin, but carefully. Some people find it helpful to sleep, however there are cases of people who, on the contrary, he disrupts sleep. There is at present considerable confusion as to the usefulness and appropriateness of melatonin. Therefore it is advisable to consult a health professional (naturopath, medical doctor or naturopathic) versed in the subject.


Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex. This will automatically relax upon entering.


If after about 20 minutes to fall asleep can not / do not start to roll over in bed. The tossing and turning in bed all that accomplishes is to increase the association between the act of going to bed and sleep problems. Better get up and do something boring. Return to bed only when sleepy.

Also be careful with sleep medications. Many of these may help temporarily but after a few weeks or at most a few months, lose their effectiveness. Even worse if they continue to use can aggravate insomnia causing what is known as “rebound insomnia”. If at this stage seek to suspend the problem is further exacerbated. The solution is to reduce the dose gradually over several weeks. This should be done preferably under medical supervision.


If you try these remedies but nothing seems to help with your problem of insomnia is time to visit a doctor or other professional who specializes in sleep problems. Problems such as obesity or high blood pressure can cause insomnia. People who snore also have as it will not achieve deep sleep. even snoring can be symptomatic of serious problems like sleep apnea where the person stops breathing for periods of the night. Recently, evidence has surfaced indicating that babies born to women who snore suffer from a greater number of prenatal developmental problems than babies of mothers who do not snore. Moreover pregnant women who snore are also more likely to develop high blood pressure problems. Many times in the hands of a competent professional problems dream we had for years are surprisingly easy to correct.


If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep problem does not remain idle. Insomnia keeps us in a state of drowsiness and lack of energy in which we can not function at full capacity and enjoy our daily activities. Also, not less important, insomnia robs us of that wonderful world of our dreams that has much to offer.


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