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Who’s Your Trusted Advisor On Natural Remedies?

Hi, my name is Charles Silverman N.D. We live in the internet age, where it’s easy for just about anyone to give you their two cents on how to live a healthier life. I’ve seen the power of all natural remedies and treatments at work for the past 18 years in my own natural healing clinic. I believe everyone deserves the ability to heal themselves in a safe, cost efficient way – something that is becoming increasingly hard to do with modern medicine’s drug saturated philosophy. I put together this site so you can make informed decisions on the best way to treat your illness using safe and effective natural remedies. Why trust me? Not only are all my remedies guaranteed, but I’ve got experience and training you can feel confident in…   Keeping You On The Cutting Edge Of Natural Medicine  I keep you on the cutting edge of natural medicine by attending international conventions and training events.  Only share proven remedies by constantly researching the latest medical breakthroughs and discoveries of new natural cures and putting them to real life practice in my clinic.  Graduated from The International Center for Professional and Technical Studies in Israel with a degree in holistic medicine.  Served on First South American congress of holistic medicine and alternative therapies for low income people. Hosted by Saint Johns Catholic Church. Hello  Welcome!  Those of you that, signed up as members of my web site, know that I back what I recommend with research and statistics. You also know that the remedies you are making following the instructions in the “Members Area Only” are made with herbs, minerals, and nutrients, and that they do work wonders. Many people ask me what I mean by “Nutrients”, how nutrients can heal an illness, most people believe that nutrients or foods are just to sustain life, and to some extend keep us healthy. Although this is true, there are some very powerful properties in most of the plants, spices, and other foods we eat, which in many cases have proven to reduce tumors, unclog arteries, speed up wound healing and much more.  Did you know that heart disease and cancer are the number one killers in the world? Everywhere but in some parts of Italy, why? Because they include in their diets, olive oil and garlic, lot of it. Not long ago a member wrote to me, concerned about her husband’s high cholesterol, she was looking for a natural alternative to lower it, I recommended that she started including garlic, and almonds into his diet, she was shocked and replied “but I have known for years that almonds increase cholesterol levels” she was not aware of the latest researches done, and the newly found compound in almonds that actually lowers it. So she was not utilizing a very important tool in the fight against high cholesterol.  Misinformation is a very big problem we have faced in the field of natural medicine, even doctors and scientist used to dismiss the power of garlic as an “old wives’ tales”. However, after all the recent researches now scientist are taking garlic very seriously, and people are starting to use it more and more, in the United States alone more then 5 million people take garlic daily. And, in Europe, more specifically in Germany, the Health Ministry has determined that garlic “IS A MEDICINE” that prevents age related deterioration of the circulation.  In our next issue of “The HMM Newsletter” we will talk and research Garlic ourselves, and you will be shock to learn all the benefits garlic provides. So don’t miss it !!  Information is so powerful, lack of information can be deadly when it comes to your health, if you are not a member of our web site you are missing a big piece of information, that can make your life better, and the amount of money you will save is also big.  Charles Silverman N.D. Author of: HomeMade Medicine 3rd. Edition ebook Optim Service Inc. 7985 SW 86th. St. #408 Miami , FL 33143 USA  

Dear Charles,

Thank you for taking the time to put all of the wonderful home remedies recipes and information into a book!

It is a great resource for me as a great grandmother that cares for a 4 year old granddaughter and a 3 year old great granddaughter during the daytime while their parents work.

Coleen Clarke

Dear Charles: I just got your Home remedies e-book and I must say it’s so easy to navigate, the amount of information is overwhelming and it’s written in plain English without any Latin names or technical jargon.

I can’t wait until I make my own body lotion and moisturizing cream.

P.S. I love the tips, secrets and shocking statistics and information you give throughout the book.

Valery Sanchez Miami, FL.

Hi Charles;

I don’t usually write recommendation letters, but I felt that I should congratulate you for your work on the Home Remedies e-book. I have very sensitive skin and when I shave my legs I get a very annoying itch and irritation that last for days.

I tried many creams but they burn my skin and make my irritation worst, After I got your e-book I decided to make your recipe for body cream. The results were unbelievable it goes on smoothly, with no burning sensation, and no irritation, it brings back a silky moist feel that I’ve never experienced before with any other cream and it last all day without having to re-apply several times.

The amount I have made cost me a few cents and it will last me for about six or seven months.

Thank you for solving my problem with a great product

Ana Guzman Toronto, Canada [email protected]

Charles, Thank you so much for the wonderful news about coQ-10 Last month a friend came to me and told me the doctor told her she had congestive heart failure. I told her to go to the store and get CO Q -10 now, She Came to me the other day and said she had just cane from being tested by the heart specialist and he told her her heart was fine. I have been taking coQ 10 for about 6 years I am 61 and feel fine. I will pass on you info many thanks,

Mukhundajii [email protected]

On your site wild yam root is recommended for morning sickness. I have had a terrible time with morning sickness and had become quite miserable, isolated and depressed that I could not move without feeling like I was going to vomit. I tried the wild yam tincture and I feel so much better! Thank you very much!

Thank you again for the recommendations on morning sickness!

Johari [email protected]

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    Hi Charles
    I haven’t received the free e-book as yet. Have i missed a step? please help. Many thanks for your time.

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